Yo-Zuri 3DB Twitchbait SS

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Lipless Twitchbait for fresh water

Extremely popular in salt water and known for their high catchiness, Lipless Twitchbaits are indispensable there. But what works in salt water is often also interesting for the predatory fish in fresh water. Therefore, Yo-Zuri released the 3DB Twitchbait SS. It has an identical body to the saltwater version, but is equipped with Black Nickel triplets, other blast rings and proven decors in fresh water. This Twitchbait is available in 2 sizes and is particularly effective on black perch, perch and pike. In principle, it is also very interesting for sea lingia, but since the hooks are not resistant to salt water, you would first have to replace them with other triplets. The Yo-Zuri 3DB Twitchbait SS is a bait type that is used relatively little in fresh water and is therefore particularly interesting for heavily fished waters and cautious, experienced fish. What they don't know arouses curiosity and often triggers an attack.

Slow bait guidance and very nice appearance

The Yo-Zuri 3DB Twitchbait SS works best when you lead it varied, but relatively slowly. Cranking in, twitching once or twice, pause to sink and again from the front has proven to be particularly effective. He shows a rolling action cranked up and breaks out to the side with a nice darting action. During the break, it slowly sinks, so that you can lead it very slowly even in flat areas. It is also a very interesting option if the predatory fish steal close to the surface, but ignore surface bait. As a so-called subsurface bait, it runs flat under the water surface and reliably provokes attacks. In addition to its running behavior, the very beautiful appearance also ensures a high catching power. For example, some decors are provided with a 3D interior prism, which reflects light rays very intensively and provides a lot of flash. Other decors are slightly transparent or completely lacquered. Both the 3D prism and the paintwork are attached from the inside. This considerably increases the longevity of the decors, as the teeth of the predatory fish cannot harm them. The hard ABS body of the bait reliably protects the decors.

Table for overview:

Length Weight Running depth

9 cm 16.5 g 0.0 - 0.4 m

11 cm 29 g 0.0 - 0.5 m


Hardbait / Subsurface Bait / Twitchbait

Different sizes and decors to choose from

Runs flat under the surface

SS = slow sinking = slowly sinking

3D interior prism

With rattle

Black Nickel Triplets

Cranked up: Rolling Action

Getwitcht: Darting Action